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Ustream, the host for RooCam LIVE!, has switched to a pay-only service. After nearly 10 years Ustream unceremoniously disabled my account. May you roast in Internet Heck, Ustream.

As a result, I've had to quickly switch to a new provider, Primcast. You can still watch RooCam LIVE!, but you will have to use a multimedia application instead of viewing the stream in a web browser. Just click on the WATCH RooCam LIVE! link. It will ask you to Open or Save the "RooCam_LIVE.xspf" playlist. Select "Open with" then choose a multimedia application (I recommend VLC, which you can download HERE).

If you still have questions or need help, log in to the RooCam LIVE! Chatroom (see below). Hopefully I or someone else can help you out. My apologies for the inconvenience. Thank you for your patience as I work out the details of this new streaming service.

RooCam LIVE! Chatroom

The RooCam LIVE! chatroom can always be found HERE. This chat feature works best with an IRC client like mIRC or, my favorite, Chatzilla. Connect your IRC client to and go to channel #roocam-2. Or, if your browser supports it, use this link: irc://

Also, check out DJ-P0n3's MP3 Database -- a reference for requesting songs from the DJ in the RooCam LIVE! chatroom.

This site will give you a look into my version of the creative process. When online, you'll see a live video stream of my desktop, providing an ongoing look at works in progress as they develop!

If you see the test pattern, above, then RooCam is offline. Check the schedule, below, for details!

RooCam LIVE! and all images presented here are copyright © 1996-2018 by Timothy Fay, and may not be distributed or reproduced without permission. Thanks!

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