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HTML5 Streaming Video

RooCam LIVE! is now powered by HTML5 streaming video! HTML5 offers a number of advantages over the old Flash player on both desktops and mobile devices. The latest versions of most browsers support HTML5 video, including Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer. Just click on the WATCH link, above, to start viewing RooCam LIVE! in glorious HTML5 video!

If you still need to use Flash to watch RooCam LIVE!, click on the RooCam LIVE! (Flash) link or the RooCam LIVE! Video AND Chat link, above.

RooCam LIVE! Chatroom

The RooCam LIVE! chatroom can always be found HERE. This chat feature works best with an IRC client like mIRC or, my favorite, Chatzilla. Connect your IRC client to and go to channel #roocam-2. Or, if your browser supports it, use this link: irc://

Otherwise, if you prefer, you may use the Web-based Chat Client. You can also visit the RooCam LIVE! Video + Chat page (where both the video stream and the chatroom are on a single web page).

This site will give you a look into my version of the creative process. When online, you'll see a live video stream of my desktop, providing an ongoing look at works in progress as they develop!

If you see a test pattern, above left, then RooCam is offline. Check the schedule, below, for details!

RooCam LIVE! and all images presented here are copyright © 1996-2017 by Timothy Fay, and may not be distributed or reproduced without permission. Thanks!

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