By Timothy Fay


Those Fox and Crow comics are great! Keep 'em coming!


My Japanese friend sent me pictures from her recent trip to Nara. Definitely a spot I'd like to visit someday.


Your observations on my October contribution were very astute. On a certain level, any human-animal transformation (especially partial or anthropomorphic) is a bit "creepy," as you say. It would be especially traumatic if the person's sex changed along with their species. I might eventually get used to such a radical transformation, but even then I would probably have a difficult time dealing with how it would affect my life, i.e., my family, job, etc. Chances are I'd wind up working in a carnival sideshow or I'd become a hermit. I would, in effect, become an outcast and a freak. Perfect subject matter for a Halloween contribution!

* * *

Below are more sketches of Tina the Ballerina and some Holiday art. I hope you like it, and I hope to see you all next issue!


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