On My Toes
Pen and Ink Pirouettes
by Timothy Fay

Yet another Winter has blown by, and now I face a very busy Spring -- busier than I like it, in some respects. But, hey -- it's Spring!

In addition to art, one of my on-going projects is running a couple of Internet radio stations. If you're interested, check out "Gabba-Gabba-Radio -- ALL Ramones, ALL the Time!" via ShoutCast (http://www.shoutcast.com) or here:


I'm also running an anti-war station I call "WNMR - War No More radio." You can also find it on ShoutCast, or here:


I'm including one of that station's graphics on the following page. You'll need a computer and software that can playback MP3 streams (I reccomend WinAmp, http://www.winamp.com). Happy listening, and I'll see you in 60!

swan girl sarasa

Regime Change in Washington!

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