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This situation has clearly gotten out of hand, but there is plenty of blame to go around. I blame Fred for not exercising his editorial prerogative. I (slightly) blame Paul Kidd and Mike Curtis for not having thicker skins. But mostly I blame Marc Tucker for his behavior both in and out of Rowrbrazzle.

I must share some of the blame, too. I probably should have brought this issue up sooner. If I had, perhaps we might still count Kidd and Curtis among our membership, along with the handful of members who confided to me that Tucker was a factor in their decision to leave.

Fred, Article 8 was written to deal with "troublemaking" contributions and members. Mr. Tucker has violated Article 8 so many times over the last few years that I've lost count (including his slanderous tirades against you and other 'Brazzle members in his recent e-mails). You and Marc can bicker as much as you like about the rules, but there is no point in amending or even having membership articles if they are not going to be enforced. You have a clear case of repeated and deliberate violations of Article 8. I'm afraid Mr. Tucker has given you no choice other than to terminate his membership.

Mr. Tucker, I speak for several members when I say that the most positive thing you can do right now is to act on your earlier decision and leave the APA.


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