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Thanks for the compliment on my cover. To answer your question: Like a lot of my art these days. it was created using both computer and "traditional" techniques. Usually I start out with a pencil or inked drawing, then I scan it, clean it up, and "finish" it using my computer.

I read every issue of Rowrbrazzle. But I usually don't comment because of the rule that doesn't allow mailing comments to count toward minac. In fact, I think that rule is a major factor in the decline in our membership. People like getting feedback on their work, and if they don't get it, they'll find it elsewhere. The Internet, for example, allows for almost immediate reaction from anyone, anywhere around the world. The response time in an APA-zine, where the turnaround on comments can take up to six months, is almost glacial by comparison.

Another reason to ditch this rule was that it was originally backed by several individuals who felt they weren't getting enough "art" in each issue of 'Brazzle. Those folks have since left and joined other APAs where, ironically, the "comments-don't-count" rule usually doesn't apply. If you do change the rule, I will likely contribute more illustrated comments such as these.

The new ballerina dives into Swan (Girl) Lake

They turned him into a Swan Girl!


"All of the parts falling off of this vehicle are of the finest British manufacture"


Thanks for the compliment. I was shooting for that 50's-Dell-comic look, and it looks like I succeeded, based on your comments. Much of the credit goes to Robert Carspecken, who wrote The Nit-Picnic and who spent many hours helping me with the technical aspects of the story. Robert is one of the great talents working in Furry Fandom.


Speaking of talent, thanks for the drawing of my Star Fox character -- nicely done! I have many plans for the crew in 2001, including possible stories and a Star Fox web site on (see below).


Tara and Tiki

And here is a drawing of two characters, Tara and Tiki, in a scene from a story I'm working on for Ken Fletcher's 'zine, Spon-toon. Contact Ken for more info about Spon-toon. For more info about the characters, visit the Tara and Tiki web site at

And that's it for this issue -- see you all again in 120 days!

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