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WinSock MUD/MUCK Client
by Timothy Fay

Current Version: 2.1

Last Updated: 28 September 2003



Greetings, and welcome to the Brave New World of MUDSOCK 2!

MudSock 2 was created in response to the demand for extended features for MudSock that were either too difficult or too expensive (or both) to build into MudSock 1.x. This required moving MudSock to a 32-bit platform. This was good, in that it gives me access to a wider selection of possible new features to incorporate into the program, but bad in that it limits the program to Windows 9x and above. However, I plan to continue supporting the 16-bit version for those (like me) who need (and like) a MU* client that can run on something other than Win95.

And, coming soon: MudSock for Windows CE and WINE (Mudsock 1.x already works with wine on Linux -- sort of). Stay tuned.


There are a couple new features that make MudSock 2 stand out from all previous versions. Most notably, multi-color/multi-font text! You can set your 'watchfor' strings to display text in a variety of fonts and colors. You'll find the settings on the "WatchFor" tab of the Preferences menu (View | Preferences, or F4). MudSock 2 also has better browser interaction (see the "Directories" tab in Preferences).


Okay, here comes the fun part: By downloading MudSock 2.1 you agree to a couple things:

If you agree to the above, then go ahead and download the program and save it in a temporary folder on your computer. Next, double-click on the MS21 icon. It is a self-extracting archive and will create several files in this temporary folder. Find the SETUP.EXE file, double-click on it, and follow the instructions.

NOTE: If you want MudSock 2 to use your current MudSock settings, then install MudSock 2 into the same directory as your Mudsock 1.x program. That way you won't have to re-enter all your MU* addresses, characters and passwords. MudSock 1.x and 2.x can co-exist in the same directory/folder without conflicts. If you want to install MudSock 2 in another directory and still want to use all your old settings, then copy the MUDSOCK.INI file into that new directory before you run the program. Regardless, it is always a good idea to back up this INI file, just in case.

If you have Windows 9x/ME installed, you should have all the support files you need to run MudSock 2. However, if you encounter any errors when you try to run the program, you may need to install the Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0 Runtime Files. Do this if the Windows says you need a copy of MSVBVM50.DLL.

If you've installed all these files and the program still doesn't run, then please contact me (see below).


In order to make sure this program is the best it can possibly be, I need your help. If you find what you think might be a bug or a problem with the program, please contact me using this form. Try to include as much detail as possible (how and when the bug occurred, what OS you are using, what MU* you were on, etc.). I may not be able to respond directly to every bug report I get. Rest assured, however, that I look into every problem that is reported to me and I appreciate every note I get regarding MudSock.


DOWNLOAD MUDSOCK 2.1 (2.9 meg EXE file)

PREVIOUS VERSIONS (Unsupported -- use at your own risk!):

2.0 Release (Apr. 2002)
2.0 Beta 3 (Feb. 2002)
2.0 Beta 2 (Apr. 2000)
2.0 Beta 1 (May 1999)

Thanks for giving MUDSOCK 2.1 a try!


All material on this page copyright © Timothy Fay, unless otherwise indicated.

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