MUDSOCK HELP / Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why can't I connect to a MUD/MUCK server?

A: There could be any number of things that might be wrong. Make sure that you are connected to the Internet (obviously you are, otherwise you couldn't read this :) ). Also, make sure you have entered the correct Address and Port number for the server. MudSock uses Furry Muck as a default ( port: 8888). Try that and if you get the introductory screen of Furry Muck, then your program is working correctly.

Q: I get 'Invalid file format' when I try to run MudSock 1.x. What's wrong?

A: It is possible that you have the wrong version of DSSOCK.VBX on your computer. It is also possible that you have multiple copies of this file. You should have only ONE copy of DSSOCK.VBX and it should be in your C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory. The correct copy of DSSOCK.VBX should have the following attributes:

SIZE: 21kb DATE: 12/3/95 11:50 AM

Q: I run Windows/NT and I can't get MudSock 1.x to install properly.

A: Unfortunately, the MudSock 1.x Setup program won't work under NT. Go back to the MudSock Homepage and download the MudSock 1.x "Bare-Bones" archive. This is a ZIP archive that contains only the files necessary to run MudSock. However, you'll have to create your own folder and icon for the program (if you use Windows/NT, you probably know how to do this :) ).

Q: How to I get MudSock to act as my Telnet client in Netscape?

Navigator 3.x (and earlier):

Start Netscape, then click on Options, and then General Preferences.... Click on the Apps tab, then enter the path to your MudSock application in the Telnet Application box (see below). Then click "OK".

This should work for all versions of MudSock.

Communicator 4.x (a little trickier):

Start Netscape, then click on Edit and then Preferences. Click on the Applications sub-category (under Navigator). In the Descriptions box, find URL: Telnet Protocol (see below):

Select URL: Telnet Protocol and click on the Edit... button. Another dialog box will appear. In the frame marked Handled By, select the Application radio button. Then enter the path to your MudSock application, followed by a space and "%L" (for "Location") in the Application box (see below). Then click OK.

This should work for MudSock 1.2 and 2.x.

Q: What is this '[fmcl]' thing I keep seeing in my output?

Chances are you see that if you're using a MU* client other than MudSock. The [fmcl] tag is set by MudSock to get information from the MU* server. If you're not using MudSock and want to remove the tags from your output, just type:

@set me=_arrive/fmcl:

The only other server features MudSock uses are OUTPUTPREFIX and OUTPUTSUFFIX. MudSock sets the output prefix to "[on]" and the output suffix to "[off]" in order to start and stop the lag counter.

Q: How do I reset/disable the Lag Counter?

To reset the lag counter, just click on it once. To disable the lag counter, double-click on it or de-select "Lag Counter" under View in the Main Menu.

More to follow...

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